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Behind the brand 

Hi, I'm Anjana, an Architect and an Artist based out of Bangalore, India.

I've always been inclined towards art ever since I was a child.

What started as a hobby during school turned into my biggest passion during college. Haven't looked back ever since. I love capturing my surroundings in the paintings I create. Nature, my garden, skies from our terrace to name a few. Now you can get your hands on them in the form of Sketchbooks, Notebooks, Art prints and Stickers. Original paintings too!

Having a brand of my own with a line of art and stationery products has always been a dream and it's hard to believe that it's finally happening! I hope you find something you like here.

So glad to have you on board in my journey :)

With love,


IMG_20210729_165737 (4) (1).jpg

The Tinted Palette 

The Tinted Palette was created by Anjana three years ago on Instagram with the mere intention to share art with friends and family. We slowly started growing last year. The support and encouragement from the art community lit a spark within me to share more and more creations on a daily basis.

It wasn't until recently that I started using my own clicks for the illustrations I made, which is one of the major reasons that I'm here today, to share my creations with you all in the form of art products that you can make part of your daily life to either jot down your ideas, to-do lists, journal or just express your emotions and paint your heart out on them.

All the illustrations on the products are hand-painted, inspired by the photographs captured in the surroundings and are then digitized and designed to bring to you a line of art products curated with lots of love.

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